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The X-Files


5/11/05 11:17 pm - animeredith - Challenge 35

The theme for this week is: "Betrayal"

Yes, that's it. You can interpret it any way you like. All basic rules apply: 40 kb icon, 100x100, blending and animations allowed. I know I started this contest a bit late, so I am willing to extend the contest by a day or so if we don't have enough entries come Friday.

POST YOUR ICONS IN RESPONSE TO THIS POST. All submissions are screened, and all are due on Friday at midnight (for now).

5/11/05 11:10 pm - animeredith - Challenge 34 Winners

Sorry for being so late with the results. Here are the winners:
Challenge 34 winners!Collapse )

First and second place winners get their icons put up as community icons, third place gets a banner. I will do that banner, along with x_1013_x's banner for Challenge 33.

SPEAKING of x_1013_x, I just realized I completely forgot to mention something. The banners she made for the winners of Challenge 33 are up here (for quite some time, sorry). Be sure to leave a comment when you've picked it up.

5/8/05 12:43 am - animeredith

Vote away!Collapse )

5/5/05 11:04 pm - animeredith

This is a reminder to get your entries in for Challenge 34. Friday at midnight,you guys!

5/2/05 10:49 pm - animeredith - Challenge 34

The challenge for this week is: New community icons!

Yes, we do already have an icon for this community, but only one! That leaves two empty slots which, in my humble opinion, should be filled with some of your lovely work! Try to make an icon that will represent this community and what it is all about. Get creative!

The first place winner will get their icon in the default slot. The second place winner will get their icon put into the rotation to be used at some later date. After that, I'm afraid it's just plain ol' banners. :p

Three icons per person, animation and blending allowed, etc etc. Icons are due on Friday at midnight, as usual. All entries are screened.


5/2/05 10:31 pm - animeredith

Winners for Challenge 33!Collapse )

Also, WE NEED MORE BANNERMAKERS. As of now, it's just me and crystal_lily holding down the fort here. Does ANYONE want to be a big help and become an (official!) bannermaker?

P.S.- The userinfo has been slightly updated. Check it out!

5/1/05 07:05 pm - animeredith - Finally done!

Be sure to tell me when you've picked them up.

Banners for Challenge 32Collapse )

4/30/05 05:34 pm - animeredith - Vote!

Voting for challenge 33Collapse )

I'm almost done with the banners for Challenge 32. They should be up soon.

4/29/05 06:26 am - animeredith

This is a reminder to get your entries in for Challenge 33! Cutoff is Friday at midnight, blah blah. You guys know the drill. ;)

4/27/05 12:05 am - animeredith - Challenge 33

This week's challenge is: Textless icons!

Yep, no text is allowed. But that doesn't mean you just resize and add a border, oh no. The basic point is to make an icon into a tiny piece of art. Show us your unique icon-making style! You may submit up to three icons (I'm probably going to make that a general rule in the future).

Sidenote: Those brushes with the lines of itty-bitty text ARE allowed, provided you can't actually read what it says.

POST YOUR ICONS IN RESPONSE TO THIS POST. All entries will be screened. The contest ends on Friday at midnight. Have fun!
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