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The X-Files


6/21/05 02:31 am - animeredith

The WienersCollapse )

6/18/05 07:13 pm - animeredith

This contest had a lot more people entering than usual! I guess you guys just really like Quagmire. :P

Challenge 37 voting!Collapse )

6/15/05 04:02 pm - animeredith

Okay (this only applies to spreadeagle, but whatever), banners are up HERE!

I'm getting a new monitor either today or tomorrow, so I can do the other two. Yay, no more green!

6/15/05 05:13 am - animeredith

Challenge 37Collapse )

Blending/animation okay, up to three entries per person. Entries due Friday at midnight, blah blah. You know the deal. POST YOUR ICONS IN RESPONSE TO THIS ENTRY.

6/15/05 04:10 am - animeredith

A winner is you!Collapse )

In other news, the position of co-mod is still open. And new bannermakers are always welcome. :)

6/11/05 10:54 am - animeredith

Voting for Challenge 35+36Collapse )

To my one co-mod that's left: would you like to do a mod's choice pick this week?

6/10/05 02:26 am - animeredith

This is a reminder to get your entries for Challenge 36 in. They are due Friday at midnight. Only one entry so far, get 'em in!

6/7/05 01:23 am - animeredith - Challenge 36

What? An actual contest? Yep, I'm back. I sincerely apologize for not keeping up with contests for a while here- I've had a pretty full plate. I'm not the only one who's busy, though. One of my co-mods has decided to step down; does anyone want to take her place?

ANYWAY. Challenge 36 will be a normal contest, as in "I provide the caps, and you make the icons from them". Challenge 35's entries will roll over to this contest, as there aren't enough for separate voting.

Challenge 36Collapse )


5/16/05 10:10 pm - animeredith

Oy. I'm extending Challenge 35 again until this Friday at midnight. It's only got two entries so far, and I really don't feel like starting a new contest just yet. So you guys have plenty of time now, k? :D

5/14/05 05:33 pm - animeredith

This is a reminder to get your icons in for Challenge 35! I've decided to extend the contest until Sunday at midnight. We only have a couple of entries in so far, so try to get yours in! (We'll get back on schedule someday)

Also, the people waiting for a banner from me- I think it's just x_1013_x right now-I just want to let you know that it's going to be a while. My monitor decided to completely burn out on me, so for now I'm on this ancient one that's tinted green . I kid you not. So all the colors are way off and I can't make any graphics right now. I'm getting a new monitor soon though. I have to, otherwise I'll go mental from all this green.
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